About us

I spent my childhood in the countryside with horses, which is why they have always played an important role in my life. Now I live with my family in Munich. When our daughters had the desire to ride, my husband's allergy to horses made it impossible for them to fulfill this wish. So we were very happy when we discovered the Curly Horses and we were all looking forward to our first encounter.


The Curlies greeted us curiously, but calmly and unobtrusively and immediately gave a feeling of trust to our daughters, who always had to stay away from horses. Impressed by her friendly and relaxed manner I thought to myself: "I'd like a horse like that too!" Since they fascinated my husband as well, we started plans and my family gave me a "voucher for a Curly Horse". This was the beginning of a great love for the wonderful horse breed that turned our lives upside down.



Our small herd continued to grow over the years. Meanwhile we breed Curlies on a small scale and appreciate the individuality of every single horse. Our daughters grew up with the Curly Horses and learned a lot from them.

You could almost think that the Curlies gave them their surefootedness on the way...